Our vision is to disrupt the sourcing process in the world of procurement.​

We help companies save time, money and resources by doing smart and automated sourcing processes in procurement.

mysupply is developed to meet companies needs by providing automated and autonomous sourcing solutions.


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Operational buyers no longer need to dedicate large amounts of time to run similar sourcing processes again and again. 
Conducting smart sourcing and negotiation processes with mysupply increases procurement savings by 11% and more.

A unique sourcing platform, driven by AI and our deep sourcing knowledge, to conduct sourcing with best results and without effort.


mysupply utilizes all data to enhance its capabilities by Machine Learning and AI. Sourcing processes continuously become smarter with less effort while delivering better results.


mysupply uses algorithmic game theory that is designed by negotiation experts to drive clever negotiation processes using digital negotiations like e-auctions and negotiation bots. 

Our three products automate sourcing processes with data-driven algorithms and save companies millions.

mysupply integrates with various procurement solutions and takes over the full sourcing process for tactical and tail spend. It empowers category managers to process all steps automatically to enable fully autonomous sourcing.

mysupply extends sourcing tools like SAP Ariba Sourcing and empowers companies to use intelligent automated negotiations.

mysupply can be used as standalone solution or integrated with ERP solutions to drive automated sourcing processes for small and medium sized companies.

We build technologies that support sustainable digitalization, innovation, resource efficiency and promoting sustainable practices.

With mysupply, our customers can easily include sustainability criteria into their decision-making.

"In mysupply we have found a flexible and committed partner to be able to start with digital tenders and e-auctions for a wide variety of requirements in next to no time. The platform is self-explanatory, offers a high level of user-friendliness and ensures very good and transparent results for everyone involved. "​
Torben Link
Head of Purchasing at Steinbeis Papier GmbH

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