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There have never been better times for using AI in Procurement.
Join us using AI for getting sourcing to the next level.
Start saving time and money today.

Powerful solution for automating sourcing process

mysupply is a powerful SaaS solution that automates the procurement sourcing process, delivering an average of 5-11% savings on spend and reducing operational effort by 50%.

AI Intake Orchestration

With mysupply, requesters get sourcing guidance
and are able sourcing their demand with less effort,
while paying less .

Simplify your sourcing using AI

With mysupply, buyers can experience
smarter sourcing processes with less effort,
while still delivering better results.

Smart Evaluations

Operational buyers no longer need to dedicate
large amounts of time to create short-term demand
plans or triggering stock replenishments.

Automate your whole sourcing process

By leveraging the power of Machine Learning and AI,
mysupply streamlines procurement operations,
reduces manual labor costs.

Negotiate smart

Automation not only reduces the current operating costs and increases efficiency, but also allows businesses to negotiate items that were previously overlooked.

mysupply platform

We are flexible and allow you to pick just what you need, nothing more

AI Sourcing
Assistant for

  • AI Demand Description
  • AI Supplier Matching​
  • AI Category Matching
  • Intake Orchestration
  • Self-Service Sourcing
  • Integration 15 minutes

AI Automated Sourcing for

  • AI Supplier Matching
  • Demand Bundling
  • Easy Tenders
  • Automated Avaluation
  • Automated Lot Building
  • Automated Negotiation

AI Autonomous Sourcing for

  • Automated Start
  • Demand Bundling
  • Easy Tenders
  • Automated Avaluation
  • Automated Lot Building
  • Automated Negotiation

What clients say

Our Partners

mysupply fosters strategic partnerships and maintains a customer-centric approach. By collaborating with key players in the industry, we aim to expand our offerings and deliver even greater value to our clients.


mysupply is for procurement experts who want efficiency and are tired of manual and repetitive steps.
mysupply is for procurement leaders who aren’t afraid to innovate and take a digital step in the right direction.

On average you can get up to 11% savings as a result of our smart negotiations, however the real benefits will be the full automation potential, increased compliance and reduced error rate. You can make an example savings calculation here.

mysupply is a complete Sourcing Platform – it takes the whole process and adds intelligence on each step. From demand bundling and supplier suggestions, to automated negotiations! If you’re feeling confident you can try a completely autonomous sourcing. The scope and control is completely in your hands.

Absolutely – we are a complete platform, however you can decide exactly which features match your use case.

You want to keep the full process in your ERP and just use us for negotiations? No problem – just get the Negotiation package.

You want to leverage the full sourcing potential and automation? No problem – just get the Complete Sourcing package.

Need something specific or tailored exactly to your needs? Just get in touch and we’ll find a solution!

We can integrate with almost any existing system, depending on your needs – whether that’s SAP Ariba, S4HANA or even an R3 or a simple Sharepoint connection. You can learn more about integration possibilities here.

We encourage you to bring your own suppliers, as we do not provide a vetted supplier base.
However if you’re looking to extend your existing supplier pool you can use our Supplier Scout feature that allows you to quickly find and get in touch with new suppliers.

We believe in an iterative approach, so we constantly collect feedback from all of our users. We work towards making the process better step by step, adding more and more intelligence and covering additional use cases. We aim to leverage the power of ML & AI as much as we can to completely change what Sourcing looks like.



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