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Revolutionize your procurement processes,
from negotiation to savings realization, leading to significant EBITDA increases.

Challenges to
Tactical Sourcing

Tactical sourcing centers often handle numerous sourcing events with a small team. Procurement managers struggle to fullfil compliance requirements, leaving little time for effective negotiations.

Here is where
we come in

AI-Driven Efficiency

mysupply automatically identifies suitable suppliers and bundles demands to reduce sourcing events. By automatically analyzing purchasing patterns, and historical data, mysupply identifies opportunities to consolidate similar purchasing needs and combine them into larger, more impactful sourcing events.

Automated Negotiations

mysupply utilizes best-in-class game theory and AI algorithms for optimal negotiation outcomes (5-11% savings) while saving time and reducing effort by 50%. We use algorithmic game theory to set the negotiation strategy and execute the negotiations by using chat bots and reverse eauctions. Increase sourcing efficiency and achieve significant cost savings.

Seamless Tendering

mysupply offers an intuitive UI for simple tendering, supported by automation. The UI is carefully crafted to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, allowing procurement professionals to manage tendering activities with ease while benefiting from workflow automation.

Easy Integration

Integrate effortlessly into your existing IT infrastructure without disruption. Our solution is designed to be highly compatible with a wide range of IT systems, including ERP systems, procurement suites, and other third-party applications commonly used in procurement operations.

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