Use Cases

Explore the most common use cases for using mysupply

Tactical Sourcing

Discover the game-changing power of mysupply for your tactical sourcing center. With mysupply requesting and receiving quotes is nearly effortless for both buyers and vendors. In any given competitive situation mysupply’s smart algorithm decides for you what is the best negotiation strategy and conducts the negotiation without any human input, freeing your tactical sourcing team to focus on high-priority cases. Achieve 5%-11% more in savings while streamlining tactical sourcing operations. Try our savings calculator to see how mysupply can elevate your tactical sourcing center’s efficiency.

Self-Service Sourcing

The self-service sourcing of mysupply leverages the transformative capabilities of integrated AI to empower users in efficiently navigating through optimal purchasing processes. By seamlessly integrating AI into the platform, we guide users through streamlined buying flows, leading to substantial time savings. This innovative approach enables requesters to streamline their purchasing journey, diminishing the necessity for extensive operational sourcing tasks typically handled by procurement teams. Consequently, users experience enhanced efficiency and productivity, while procurement teams can focus on strategic initiatives, ultimately driving greater value across the organization.

Autonomous Sourcing

mysupply is also able to support procurement managers to do fully autonomous souring. So procurement does not need to be involved as long as the procurement process is within defined thresholds. Tendering and negotiation will be autonomously conducted by mysupply.

See example savings calculation

Chemical Company
5000 Employees
€1.3B Revenue
€800M Total Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

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