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One of our key strengths lies in our seamless integration with SAP Ariba. This integration allows us to offer our customers enhanced functionalities and a smooth experience when managing their procurement processes.
Additionally, we have extended this seamless integration to other leading ERP systems, further enhancing our appeal to enterprises seeking high-end procurement solutions.

Our solution is available on the SAP Store. Our customers can benefit from the AI Sourcing Assistant for requesters and from Sourcing Plugin that is seamlessly integrated into the procurement suit. mysupply helps SAP Ariba and S/4HANA customers increase their savings up to 11% in average per negotiation with only very low effort and without any special skills.

mysupply is the first to offer a direct tendering connect to Amazon Business. Our API integration allows purchasers to include Amazon Business automatically in their sourcing requests. Amazon bids enter the competition, along with the offers from all other suppliers.

Via the Techboost Program of German Telecom, we can ensure even higher security and dataprotection requirements for customers with special needs – examples can be found in the public sector or defence and space.

As part of German Accelerator’s Asia Market Access Class 2023-2, we will gain access to an extensive network of industry experts, mentors, and investors eager to help us succeed in the diverse and dynamic Asian markets. This experience will not only strengthen our global presence, but also give us the opportunity to learn from other outstanding startups, fostering a collaborative and innovative environment.

Source Digitally is a sourcing provider that helps to bring together various procurement solutions (Demand Definition, Sourcing Automation, Supplier Scouting, P2P, etc.) as a a holistic service for customers.

Beckprocon provides Sourcing as an (Outsourced) Service and SAP Ariba implementations for SMEs. Their key experience are Manufacturing Companies ranging from 100 to 600 employees.

Typically, Procurement Teams with a spend of minimum 10 Million Euro are their key focus.

ASAPIO offers cloud integration solutions for SAP customers, including large enterprises, and consulting services in the area of SAP procurement solutions – for S/4HANA, ECC, Fieldglass and more.

Based out of Munich, Germany, ASAPIO serves a global customer base with productised solutions and projects. With a strong technological background and tight relationship to SAP services and development organisations, ASAPIO is your partner for success in SAP implementations.

Our partnership with apsolut makes any SAP integration seamless – regardless if we’re talking about Ariba, S4HANA or something else. They are the European experts in anything SAP related, specifically focused on integration between multiple SAP systems between themselves and 3rd parties like mysupply. Furthermore their knowledge and support are invaluable and help us and our customers make the right decisions.

Together with apsolut, we’ve transformed sourcing into a streamlined process as easy as a Teams chat! With our app, requestors can submit demands directly in Teams, covering catalogue purchasing, contract purchasing, and self-service demand sourcing, all in one place. Our solution acts as a one-stop-shop, allowing demands to be sourced effortlessly from all stakeholders.



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