mysupply automates sourcing processes with data-driven algorithms and saves companies millions by taking over.

Our Intelligent automation ensures more than 11% spend savings and up to 50% less procurement effort.

Wе have developed a cloud solution that automatically covers up for the whole sourcing process. No matter if the demand is comming from SAP Ariba Guided Buying or if its a stock replenishment from SAP, mysupply takes over.

Thanks to Game Theory and advanced AI, mysupply ensures continuously smarter sourcing processes. Delivering better results with less effort by letting mysupply take over.

How does mysupply Sourcing plugin work for you?


Demand Handling

mysupply empowers you to easily organise demands in a simple overview. Once selected, mysupply automatically pushes the demands into an automated RFP.


Tender (RFP)

Tenders can be easily started by copying from previous tenders or filling out an easy to use form. Also suppliers can participate without big effort and submit their offers.



The buyer evaluates the offers in mysupply easiliy. Sustainability Scores can be automatically loaded by selecting the available third party scores in mysupply.


Lot Creation

To get the best negotiation results mysupply automatically combines the requested items into meaningful lots in order to optimally prepare efficient and powerful negotiations.


Automated Negotiation

AI Supported data analysis based on game theory proposes an optimal negotiation strategy and conducts each negotiation by bots or eauctions with the invited suppliers automatically.

Operational buyers no longer need to dedicate large amounts of time to create short-term demand plans or triggering stock replenishments – mysupply can do this for them. 
Auto-processed sourcing from RFP to Negotiation
Less than 50% effort invested in operational sourcing tasks thanks to automation of sourcing processes from demand handling to negotiation
more than 11% spend savings thanks to data-driven algorithms


Most frequent questions and answers

No other solutions provider can offer highly automated and intelligent sourcing like we do. This results in reduced effort and price savings at the same time.

The implementation is quick and easy. We help one of the key users of your company to adjust the required template within 15 minutes. 

Using our technology, AI, and Game theory to negotiate the best offer brings you:  

  • More than 11 % savings on the purchase price 
  • Consider Sustainability and other qualitative factors with our TCO Approach  

Pay-for-success only option.

Our business model is based on outcomes and generated savings.

Contact our sales team to discuss a quote tailored to your needs. 

Interested in automated sourcing?

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