mysupply is already available on SAP Store
with an AI Sourcing Assistant and a Sourcing Plugin for SAP Ariba.

We can integrate with multiple systems both cloud and on-premise.
We are happy to discuss integration possibilities.


We have developed our own Public API that can be used by anyone. If you prefer to develop and implement the connection yourself we support that. Our API documentation can be found on

Public API

Our solution is available on the SAP store. We can directly connect to your cloud SAP instance and compliment your existing setup with additional savings. This connection can be done entirely on the mysupply side with minimal configurations needed to your SAP system.

ASAPIO have created a solution that easily connects SAP ECC and S/4HANA to mysupply. Codeless approach, with no need for an IT development project. Flexible concept that allows customized informaiton to be sent back & forth.

View full information about their mysupply connector on 


Our partnership with Apsolut makes any SAP integration seamless – regardless if we’re talking about Ariba, S4HANA or something else. They are the European experts in anything SAP related, specifically focused on integration between multiple SAP systems between themselves and 3rd parties like mysupply. Furthermore their knowledge and support are invaluable and help us and our customers make the right decisions.

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