mysupply provides a public API that supports functions as followed:

1. Submitting a new demand
This function allows users to submit a new demand, which is essentially a request for a specific item or product. The API request should include details like the title of the item, quantity needed, and other relevant information. For example, you can request 20 office chairs to be delivered on a specific date.

2. Fetching a List of all demands
This function enables users to retrieve a list of demands that have been submitted. This helps users keep track of all the demands in the system.

3. Retrieving information for a specific demand
This function allows users to retrieve detailed information about a specific demand by providing its unique ID. This information includes the title, quantity, unit of measure, and any additional data related to the demand. It also provides the current status of the demand, which can be useful for monitoring its progress.

4. Retrieving information for a deal made for a demand
If a deal has been made for a specific demand, this function allows users to retrieve information about that deal. It includes details such as the unit price and information about the supplier who will fulfill the demand. This information can be crucial for managing procurement agreements and tracking supplier performance.

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