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Innovating Purchasing
with the Self-Service App

Empowering requestors to easily acquire whatever they need.

Harnessing the power of integrated AI, we seamlessly guide users through optimal buying flows directly in Teams, resulting in significant time savings. As a result, requesters streamline their purchasing journey, reducing the need for extensive operational sourcing by procurement teams.​

Key Features

Say goodbye to lengthy buying processes and hello to efficiency, thanks to our integrated AI technology

How it works?

AI Demand Definition

As users type in their requirements in Teams, our advanced AI assists by asking tailored questions, refining their needs effectively.

AI Demand Recognition

Based on the user's stated demand, our AI efficiently determines the appropriate purchasing category, ensuring accurate procurement alignment

Category Management

The request information can correspond with a category management table to define the ideal purchasing flow. Maintained by category managers, this table ensures optimal buying results and compliance.

Customized Buying Flows

Based on the category management configuration, the appropriate workflow is seamlessly initiated. This may be catalogue buying, contract purchasing, PO creation in existing procurement solution, autonomous sourcing with mysupply, or even a self-service sourcing flow based on mysupply's autonomous sourcing.

Easy Selection

Catalogue purchasing presents automatically matching catalogue items for user selection, while contract purchasing showcases suitable contracts. Additionally, in self-service sourcing, users are asked targeted questions to refine their sourcing requirements.

Effortless Completion

Purchases are effortlessly finalized by selecting desired catalogue items or seamlessly initiating sourcing events. Suppliers are either being invited by procurement or by self-service.

Real Time Updates

Stay informed with timely notifications on purchase progress and delivery schedules.

Example Flows

Catalogue Buying

Contract Purchasing

Self Service

Autonomous Flow



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