Sustainable Procurement

Our Environmental Contribution

We want to facilitate Sustainable Procurement worldwide. That's why we build technologies to support the goals of promoting sustainable digitalization, fostering innovation and also increasing resource efficiency and promoting sustainable lifestyles. With mysupply, our customers can easily include sustainability criteria into their decision-making.

More Sustainable with TCO approach

mysupply uses the Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO) approach which expands the traditional procurement process to account for more than just the purchase price. It captures all direct and indirect costs associated with taking ownership of a product or material, helping companies understand what they are actually getting for their money.

When purchasers on our platform include sustainability as part of the TCO, sustainable suppliers stand better chances to get the deal. This way, purchasers can act on their commitments for sustainability with tangible data for their decision-making processes. At the same time, suppliers are given more incentive to increase their efforts for sustainability in the supply chain. A win-win for everyone, especially the environment.

By using our supplier scouting, our customers have the possibility to look into a data base of 60 million options and choose some local ones which is another step toward a more sustainable sourcing. Evaluating local offers is an exceptional way to give local suppliers a great possibility to give your local suppliers a priority in sourcing and reduce the carbon footprint of your company.

Local Sourcing

Carbon-Free Servers

mysupply is a German tech company that aims to reinvent sourcing processes through digitalization. As a tech company, we're keenly aware of the incredible carbon footprint, which cloud-based operations entail for us and our customers. That's why we're committed to doing our part by hosting and operating our products out of carbon-free data centers.

Join us! Let's build a more sustainable future together.

Company Certifications

A more sustainable world will be a cumulative result of small-scale efforts along with macro strategies like industry-wide working groups and policy changes. We want to help lead the industry forward with our active participation.

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