Immersing in the Beauty of Starosel

Our journey began in the serene and picturesque region of Starosel, nestled in the heart of Bulgaria. The lush landscapes and rich history provided a perfect backdrop for relaxation and connection. We toured the famous Starosel Winery, where ancient Thracian ruins coexist with modern viniculture. Here, we bonded over local wine tastings and marveled at the impressive Thracian tombs, a testament to Bulgaria’s deep historical roots.

Exploring the Historic City of Plovdiv

Next, we ventured to the historic city of Plovdiv, one of Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. Walking through the cobbled streets of the Old Town, we were captivated by its blend of Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman architecture. From the ancient Roman theater to the vibrant Kapana Creative District, Plovdiv’s rich cultural tapestry offered endless inspiration. It was a joy to share such a storied locale with colleagues, deepening our connections beyond the virtual realm.

Thrills at the Go-Kart Track

To amp up the excitement, we headed to a nearby go-kart track for some friendly competition. The adrenaline was high as we raced against each other, showcasing not only our driving skills but also our team spirit. The thrill of the race brought out our competitive edges, but more importantly, it highlighted our camaraderie. Laughter, cheers, and a few playful jibes made this an unforgettable experience.

The Priceless Moments of Connection

As a remote-first company, these moments of face-to-face interaction are invaluable. They allow us to build stronger bonds and understand each other beyond the screen. Sharing meals, exploring new places, and engaging in fun activities together reminded us of the unique culture and dynamism of our team. It’s these priceless moments that foster a sense of unity and drive our collective success.

Fueled by Adventure, Driven by Innovation

This adventure has left us invigorated and motivated to push the boundaries of sourcing with AI. Our time in Bulgaria was more than just a retreat; it was a testament to our commitment to each other and our mission. We’ve returned with renewed energy, ready to tackle every challenge that comes our way.

Facing the Future as a Unified Team

Armed with the memories of Starosel, Plovdiv, and our thrilling go-kart race, we’re prepared to face the future head-on. Our journey in Bulgaria has reinforced our belief that together, we are an unstoppable force. As we continue to innovate and excel in our field, we carry forward the spirit of unity and adventure that defines us.

Here’s to many more adventures and achievements ahead! 🚀



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