Empowering requestors to easily source whatever they need also as Self-Service Sourcing

The solution аcts as a punchout catalogue for SAP Ariba. It assists requesters in defining demands, choosing the right category and sourcing terms, then automatically route them either to self-service sourcing or procurement. This way, requesters streamline their purchasing journey, reducing the need for extensive operational sourcing by procurement teams. A partner that is a member of SAP’s curated startup ecosystem.

Key Benefits

Reduced Effort for Smaller Spend

  • Simplifies sourcing of low-value goods using automated, predefined templates
  • Templates include specific details like categories, suppliers, locations, and payment terms
  • The AI Assistant automatically selects the right template and executes the sourcing event in self-service mode.

Better Demand Description

  • Advanced AI assists users by asking tailored questions and providing suggestions to refine their requirements
  • Helps create comprehensive and precise demand descriptions, crucial for finding suitable suppliers and improving procurement communication

Save Money Using Automated Negotiations

  • Utilizes game theory and AI algorithms for optimal negotiation outcomes, achieving 5-11% savings
  • Reduces negotiation time and effort by 50% through the use of chat bots and reverse auctions
  • Enhances sourcing efficiency and delivers significant cost savings

No More Maverick Spend

  • Optimizes procurement with predefined templates that eliminate unauthorized spending
  • Ensures compliance and efficiency by matching demand with the appropriate template
  • Streamlines the sourcing process, reducing unauthorized and inefficient spending

Some Feautures

AI Demand Definition


Our solution assists users by asking tailored questions as they type in their requirements, effectively refining their needs. It then determines the appropriate purchasing category based on the user’s stated demand, ensuring accurate procurement alignment.

AI Category Identification

The request information can automatically correspond with the sourcing setup to execute the defined sourcing flow. Maintained by category managers, this setup ensures optimal sourcing results and compliance. 

You can explore all other features of our AI Sourcing Assistant here.



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