Reflecting on an Inspiring Event at AI.STARTUP.HUB Hamburg

What an incredible event at AI.STARTUP.HUB Hamburg! ­čÜÇ The Fireside Chat on topic Internationalization was truly insightful, featuring mysupply CEO Andreas Zimmermann alongside industry luminaries Petra Vorsteher, Sam Vakili, and Corey Wright, Director of Startup Programs Europe at German Accelerator. Corey Wright brilliantly moderated the discussion, weaving together diverse perspectives and experiences.

Highlights from the Fireside Chat

The Fireside Chat delved deep into the nuances of internationalization for startups, offering a treasure trove of insights. Andreas Zimmermann shared valuable lessons from his journey with mysupply, emphasizing the importance of cultural adaptability and local market knowledge. Petra Vorsteher, with her extensive experience in global business development, highlighted strategic partnerships as a key driver for successful international expansion.

Sam Vakili brought a unique perspective on navigating regulatory landscapes, while Corey Wright provided a comprehensive overview of resources available to European startups aiming for global reach. The discussion was not only educational but also highly motivating, sparking new ideas and strategies for all attendees.

Celebrating Innovative Startups

A shoutout to all the startups who presented their final pitches!  The diversity and ingenuity displayed were truly inspiring. Each pitch showcased innovative solutions and the entrepreneurial spirit that AI.STARTUP.HUB Hamburg fosters. The passion and dedication of these startups are a testament to the vibrant and dynamic AI community in Hamburg.

Gratitude and Looking Forward

A huge thank you to AI.STARTUP.HUB Hamburg for hosting such an enriching event and for their continuous support for AI startups like ours! ­čÖî The environment they create is conducive to learning, networking, and growth, making it an invaluable resource for startups at various stages of their journey.



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