What is operational sourcing?

Operational sourcing is a vital part of business operations, providing the goods and services necessary to keep your business running smoothly. As the process of acquiring supplies that are required for a company’s daily operations, operational procurement is an essential component of any successful company. With the right procurement processes in place, operational buyers can ensure the highest quality of goods and services while maintaining efficiency and cost effectiveness. 

Who takes care of operational sourcing?

Operational sourcing is typically managed by a procurement team. This team is responsible for all aspects of operational sourcing, from researching suppliers and managing contracts to tracking and monitoring progress. The team works closely with the other departments of the company to ensure that all necessary supplies are sourced and delivered on time and on budget.  

What is being sourced through operational sourcing?

Operational sourcing covers a wide range of items and services. These can include office supplies, raw materials, manufacturing supplies, parts, technology, services, and more. The procurement team is responsible for ensuring that these items and services are sourced in a cost-effective and timely manner. 

What are the challenges of operational buyers?

Operational sourcing is currently a manual, time-consuming process that lacks the efficiency necessary to achieve meaningful cost savings. As a result, organizations are frequently missing out on potential savings opportunities. 

What can procurement do to optimize operational sourcing?

Digitalization in procurement is happening and it is the way to optimise operational sourcing. By switching to automated or even autonomous processes, businesses can streamline their sourcing process, save time and money, and gain access to better savings opportunities. By leveraging digital tools, the amount of time and resources needed to source products and services can be drastically reduced. Digital tools also make it easier to track and manage supplier performance, as well as to negotiate better deals. At the same time, procurement teams can focus on more strategic tasks and better leverage market insights.  

How can operational sourcing be optimized?

Companies can take several steps to optimise operational sourcing. They can start digitalizing their procurement processes, leveraging automated sourcing and digital negotiations to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Automating repetitive tasks will reduce the amount of effort required to complete the sourcing and ensure an errorless process that increases efficiency and profitability. 

How can you start today?

At mysupply, we believe that automated sourcing is the step in the right direction and we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve this. Our solution provides the tools necessary to automate the entire sourcing process, from handling demands, through the creation of RFx documents to the negotiation of contracts. All digital, all automated! With mysupply we give you automation – but we also give you control, because we want you to do things YOUR WAY. Decide how you want to source and let mysupply do the rest. So, why not give mysupply a try and see how we can help you reduce your costs and improve your efficiency? Book a demo with us today!

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