mysupply empowers companies to easily tender their demands and do great and sustainable negotiations using our complete sourcing solution.

We designed a cloud-based solution that maximises the potential of procurement negotiations.

Game theory and AI-driven algorithms suggest the best negotiation strategy and carry it out automatically, which typically saves more than 11% on spending.

Additionally, mysupply helps automatically consider Sustainability and other supplier scores in the negotiations.

How does the solution works?



The buyers can start the process by entering the demand into mysupply. They can easily upload lists of items via CSV files. This allows them to get the best deals on products and services from a wide range of suppliers.



The suppliers can be selected from an already existing database of suppliers of the company or scouted among 60 million suppliers in our integrated search module. The offers status of the supplier is tracked and visible to the buyer.



In this step, the buyers easily evaluates the offers in the system with predefined criteria of their choice. Sustainability Scores can be automatically loaded by selecting the available third party scores in mysupply.


Lot Creation

By using mysupply, you'll get the best negotiation results as we automatically combine the requested items into meaningful lots in order to optimize and prepare efficient and powerful negotiations.


Automated Negotiation

AI Supported data analysis based on game theory proposes an optimal negotiation strategy and conducts each negotiation with the invited suppliers automatically.

Manual procurement efforts by buyers and requesters are time-consuming and lack the strategic firepower to secure advantageous deals and powerful negotiations.

mysupply helps businesses that regularly experience a large quantity of low-cost demands to improve their efficiency and negotiate great deals.

With an easy but powerful negotiation, mysupply can dramatically reduce the effort needed to handle such deals.

We guide our users through the sourcing process with an intuitive UX and powerful features, reducing the manual effort required and increasing the savings per purchase.

Our tool can be adapted to the complex needs of big companies and fully integrated into their existing IT landscape.

"In mysupply we have found a flexible and committed partner to be able to start with digital tenders and e-auctions for a wide variety of requirements in next to no time. The platform is self-explanatory, offers a high level of user-friendliness and ensures very good and transparent results for everyone involved. "​
Torben Link
Head of Purchasing at Steinbeis Papier GmbH

Which part of the collaboration with mysupply during the pilot project left the biggest impression?

We were particularly impressed by the flexibility as well as the customer orientation during the pilot phase.

What were the main reasons for your decision to work with mysupply’s Complete Sourcing solution in 2022?

The promising results from the pilot phase have reinforced our decision to continue managing part of our sourcing volume through mysupply's solution in 2022.

What are the benefits of the mysupply approach to digitizing purchasing negotiations?

Requirements can be requested quickly and easily in bundled form, and offers can be evaluated just as easily. Subsequently, negotiation strategies are suggested automatically, leading us to an optimized result.


Most frequent questions and answers

No other solutions provider can offer intelligent negotiations like we do. We are integrated in the daily sourcing operations. No expert knowledge on the part of the user is needed. 

When mysupply is used standalone, there is no implementation needed. The integration into an ERP system can be easily management with iPaas providers.

Using our technology, AI, and Game theory to negotiate the best offer brings you:  

  • More than 11 % savings on the purchase price 
  • Consider Sustainability and other qualitative factors with our TCO Approach  

Your monthly or yearly price will depend on the amount of users and the amount of events  

Contact our sales team to discuss a quote tailored to your needs. 

Interested in automated sourcing?

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